Marjory has been transforming spaces since she was twelve years old.  It all began when a relative passed along some old drapes. Marjory tore them apart, stealing her mother’s sewing machine (which she’d never used before) and recreated curtains she felt reflected her style.

Now she does the very same thing for others.  Updating spaces from the predictable room that is uninspiring to a unique space that elevates your home and everyone who enters.

“Creating is in my DNA” says Marjory, “I’m not me without it.  I fall asleep at night thinking of furniture placement and abstract pieces I want to paint.”

Marjory is inspired by the emotional power of color and isn’t concerned with the traditional way of doing things. This approach often leads to perfectly inventive results.

Marjory works in Evanston, IL where she lives with her husband and two beautiful children.